Jungleland 2019

Jungleland (2019) พี่น้องสังเวียนเถื่อน

Jungleland Walter Kaminski (a former professional boxer) and Stanley Kaminski (a former con and Lion’s idealistic manager), work in a menial job at a sewing plant. In the evening, they take part in underground boxing matches, squatting in a dilapidated house in the slums of Fall River, Massachusetts together with their greyhound Ash. Stanley owes $2,000 to a local gangster named “Pepper” and in order to settle it, Pepper allows the money to be used on Lion to fight in their next fight. Pepper arrives to witness the fight, but Lion discovers that Stanley had placed a bet on him winning. Lion is the one to win the fight. Pepper is furious by the fight, slays Stanley however, he recognizes the power of Lion due to his skills. He proposes that they pay off their debt by performing a task to drive the girl called “Sky” to Reno, Nevada and pay off their debt by using Lion participate in an underground prizefight called Jungleland in San Francisco’s Chinatown. Stanley agrees to the proposal and Pepper gives him cash, an SUV and the pistol. Sky meets Lion at a bar, as Stanley is having a sex session in the hotel. Sky is able to create a distraction, and then narcotics Lion using Xanax to steal the keys to her car before fleeing. She accidentally crashes the SUV and tries to run before Stanley catches up to her. After locking her in the hotel room Stanley calls Pepper and demands an explanation. He is furious when he finds that she’s been delivered to a gangster who is dangerous named Yates whom Stanley has had a relationship with in the past. Jungleland HD

Sky pleads with Stanley and Lion not to take her to Reno, saying Yates will kill her but Stanley retorts by saying that Pepper will end all their lives if they don’t. The trio drive the SUV to a local garage but they don’t have enough cash to cover the repairs. When looking through Sky’s wallet, Stanley finds out her real name is Mary McGinty and her family lives in Gary, Indiana. They travel by taxi to meet her family to ask for money, posing as churchgoers to the strictly religious household. The mother of the couple forces them to leave after insulting Sky and making fun of her for the ” sinful path” she’s taken. They take refuge at an abandoned school for the night in which Sky and Lion continue to bond, and Lion reveals their desire to create a dry cleaners. Sky questions the relationship between the two brothers in the sense that Stanley behaves towards Lion as a servant not a brother, routinely putting him in harm’s way and putting him in danger, something Lion is not happy about. In the morning, the pair return to the garage, where they make a deal with the mechanics to let them use the car in the event that Lion beats them at the same time in a street fight. A reluctant Lion is adamant and beats them both. The three of them travel across the country and stop to eat lunch at a restaurant where Lion complains to Stanley of using him for his own gain. Stanley is angry and reminds Lion of the sacrifices that he has done to aid Lion, but he retorts by revealing his arthritis and the difficulty in using his hands and recollecting incidents due to all the fighting he has done. They get kicked out of the restaurant after Ash starts barking incessantly. Stanley is punched by an angry customer , and the vehicle is towed.

In the absence of money and transportation, Stanley sells Ash to the father and son at the restaurant without telling Lion and Sky, who attack him. The three get on an unmarked bus towards Reno however, Lion Sky and Sky are dropped off in Carson City, Nevada which leaves a sleepy Stanley who awakes in Reno and is abducted by Yates men for failing to deliver Sky. In a bar Lion demands Sky to escape with himafter falling in love with her. Sky refuses to leave and they have sex in the bathroom. Lion discovers that Sky is pregnant by Yates baby. Stanley takes her gun away and leaves some cash that he can use to pay for Reno. He stumbles upon Yates hiding place and tortures Stanley. Then, he executes Yates. A liberated Stanley declares that they can run away together, and not have to travel to San Francisco, but Lion is determined to fight at Jungleland. A reluctant Stanley is with him, and, before the fight, he breaks down in tears, and apologizes for the harm he’s inflicted on Lion. Lion apologizes to him and shows him the ring robe designed by Sky as a parting gift that Stanley is impressed by. They walk out to the rings and Lion fights hard, but gets distracted by Stanley, and is knocked down. An unhappy Stanley insists on Lion to not get up and tells him that they could be doing something different with their lives, but Lion is determined to get up and takes the fight to victory in a spectacular manner. Stanley agrees to fall to let the police to arrest Lion. Whilst Lion revels in his victory and Stanley is taken away in handcuffs Sky arrives at the venue. The two meet when the credits begin to begin to roll.