Johnny English Strikes Again2018

Johnny English Strikes Again

Johnny English Strikes Again Seven years later, after the incident of Reborn Reborn, MI7 was capable of exposing its field agents via an attack on the internet. This led MI7 to reinstate active agents such as Johnny English. Johnny English secretly instructs students to become experts in espionage.

A English agent who was incapacitated due to an accident. The other retired agents have retired. He is the only agent who was not incapacitated due to accident.

They are in Hotel Magnifique, Antibes. The cyberattack began. Ophelia Buletova, a Russian agent, is able to take the prisoners. They manage to escape after accessing a large number of computers.

English and Bough were running out of fuel as they drove Bhuletova’s electric BMW across the nation. English arrives at the Hotel de Paris and learns she is an informer. English however, does not believe her suspicions. She is on a drug that makes him hyperactive.

The Prime Minster is forced to come to an agreement with Jason Volta (a billionaire from Silicon Valley) after more cyber-attacks. The information will be released during the next session.

English and Bough discover Bough and English discover Volta is the owner of the Dot Calm and begin to suspect that he is responsible for the cyber attack.

English finds out that Bhuletova who is an informant is also in his mansion. Bough is able to convince Volta that he can’t be stopped, and contacts Lydia who is a Navy captain from the sub HMS Valor to help him reach Garroch Castle via Loch Nevis.

Bhuletova attempts to murder Volta however she is aware that she’s spying. English then calls MI7 and disregards Lydia’s advice not to make use of her mobile close to submarines.

MI7 secretary has a mistake and puts two phones in close proximity to each other. One is used for English calls, while the second is intended for Lydia. An attempt to verify a launch code English was accidentally keyed in and the missile strikes the fountain beacon of Sherbet. The missile damages the vessel of Volta and Volta’s server. English in an armour-suit pursue Volta towards the helicopter, and then plan to redirect the missile to the Nevada server.

English gets an iPad from Bhuletova to enable Volta’s Aerospatiale Gazelle. He then strikes Volta on the head using the tablet. Then the phone is smashed with a sword and uses his smartphone to stop the assault. When he was dressed for journalists as well as G12 officials, he mistakenly took off his armor.

English is a choice in his school for students, and is embraced by his students. He discovers to his surprise that the headmaster is about to get one of the explosive jellybeans.

Johnny English Strikes Again (2018) พยัคฆ์ร้าย ศูนย์ ศูนย์ ก๊าก รีเทิร์น

Johnny English Strikes Again 2018